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Better cities for Airbnb and tourism in Australia


Australia receives millions of tourists from all over the world every year and, of course, Airbnb is a more efficient and cost-effective platform for renting houses, apartments or rooms. National or international tourists use the application to facilitate their stay during the trip.

The country has a wide variety of beautiful and exotic places to visit. We can find different climates in Australia for the pleasure of all travelers. The cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Adelaide are the ones that receive the most visitors throughout the year. In addition to being tourist cities, with beautiful places, all these cities receive a large number of events that attract even more visitors.

Events such as Australian Fashion Week, Australian Tennis Open, Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup, Rip Curl Pro Surfing and Adelaide Fringe Festival attract many visitors, thereby heating up the Airbnb/real state market in these locations.

Other regional cities that had a great growth on Airbnb and rental properties on the platform were Wagga Wagga, Blackheath, Toowoomba, Tamborine Mountain, and Byron Bay. So, even if you have a property outside the big cities you can use Airbnb to get one extra income from renting it.

If you have a property but do not have time to manage these items, do not know good photographers or do not feel comfortable dealing with guests, you need to hire a Premium Airbnb Management like Intrepid Bnb hosts.

Our function is to help you earn your extra income and always offering a quality service to your guests. With Intrepid Bnb Hosts, we take care of your property, we have specialized photographers to attract guests’ eyes, we make contact and we will provide all necessary support. We also have a specialized cleaning team, which will transform your property as a hotel service, always very clean and cozy.

So, do not waste time and money, contact us and request your quote and analysis of your property.

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