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Why Choose Premium Airbnb Management?

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These days Airbnb is an excellent alternative to earn extra money, pay your mortgage and even invest in that property that is available. The actions of selling and renting your property are not as quick as using Airbnb but for that, you need to organize and manage your property very well.

To register your property on Airbnb is very easy and does not need great efforts, but we always need to think about the guests’ stay, the presentation and the services we will offer. When we travel we always want to stay in beautiful and very comfortable places. And with Airbnb, it is no different, since the guest evaluates several items of your property, such as cleaning, organization, treatment and etc.

A property with a good rating on Airbnb, yields good occupancy & income to its owner, so you need to pay attention to some points:

  • Good photos:

Always the first impression that lasts forever, and of course, we always want to stay in clean, fresh and organized places. So, property with good photos, professional photos tends to have more bookings.

  • 5 Star Service and Contact:

We all want to be treated well everywhere we stay. So, from the initial contact with the guests, be polite and try to answer all questions. Good service gives confidence to your guest and with that, they can recommend your property to friends and family. So, the guest will leave good reviews about your property and your service on Airbnb.

  • Maintenance and cleaning:

Other important points are the maintenance and cleaning of your property. It is very bad for the guest to arrive at the property and find broken items, not working and even those strands of hair on the floor or in the bed. So, the way you care for and organize your property says a lot about you. So always invest in quality.

If you have a property but do not have time to manage these items, do not know good photographers or do not feel comfortable dealing with guests, you need to hire a Premium Airbnb Management Company like Intrepid Bnb hosts.

Our goal is to help you earn extra income and always offer a quality service to your guests. With Intrepid Bnb Hosts, we take care of your property, we have professional photographers, we take care of all communication and we will provide all necessary support. We also have a specialized cleaning team, maintenance team and a Concierge which will transform your property and provide a premium service, always very clean and cozy.

So, do not waste any more time and money, contact us today and request your quote and Free Report on your property.

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