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Celebrities, Couples & Families Choose Luxury Rentals over 5-Star Hotels

Celebrities, Couples & Families Choose Luxury Rentals over 5-Star Hotels

When privacy is key, traveling stars, couples and families are increasingly skipping hotels & booking luxury rentals. Over the past few years, as an increasing number of guests opt for additional levels of privacy, many people are looking for options other than your standard hotel room. Guests still want five-star hotel amenities, but also luxury home comforts, and privacy at the same time. Many guests also have kids, so having the extra space a home provides, is really important to them. Part of this trend has been fueled by the growing number of luxury rental properties around Australia that have sprung up over the past few years, specializing in providing amenities to match five-star hotels.

Here at Intrepid BnB Hosts, our properties are set up to provide five-star amenities to match hotels & to provide guests with the flexibility they need.

Whether it is the ideal space to use as a place to renew yourself, a quick weekend getaway or a fantastic location to be close to the beach or nature . Our properties are professionally cleaned, sanitised and disinfected after each guest to ensure complete cleanliness.

Remember to Look out for one another, Be aware, Be kind and Stay safe!!

So, do not waste time and money, contact us and request your quote and analysis of your property.

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